Project 2 : Youtube video

ARC605 | Spring 2008

Websites such as YouTube allow us to view (through the limitations of the two-dimensional monitor), a spatial experience of a building on another continent. On closer inspection, one often finds that the constructed spaces are not exactly as depicted in the video. One might interpolate from this a new way to represent a project. The production of a video which splices images together of partial construction could provide the viewer with a spatial experience of a proposed space.

For Project 2, students were required to produce a video which would attempt to re-present the unique spatial conditions which they had developed in the construction from Project 1. These videos were to explore the re-presentation how the construction they had developed in Project 1 might be interpolated into fullscale building spatial arrangement. In other words, the videos were to present a spatial experience based on a future construction which had no pre-described planar or sectional ordering. The pedagogical intent of this exercise was to free the students from preconceived ideas of how a building might be organized. It was believed that this would encourage each student to develop work unencumbered by preconceptions of form, structure, enclosure, etc.