Project 3 : Light & perception

ARC605 | Spring 2008

Project 3 required students to work in groups of three and select one of the following four sets of buildings and writings. Each set had a title which evoked a certain relationship between light and perception (darkness, translucency, projection, and optics) and included two buildings and a related reading. Each group was to analyze both buildings in relationship to both the article and the topic title. The task of each group was to provide a thorough graphic analysis of both projects for the rest of the class. The presentation was to include a detailed analysis of the specific construction techniques used by the architect and how decisions made by the architect reinforced certain ‘spatial perceptions’ in the completed project. Presentations were to include an in-depth analysis of the mechanical, structural, and enclosure systems of each building. Groups were encouraged to critique each building regarding the effectiveness of the entire building design in relationship to what they believed was the ‘spatial perception’ intended by the architect. An important element of this research was to include construction drawings in the presentation.