Project 1 : Constructing vision

ARC605 | Spring 2008

For the first project, students were asked to explore a specific ‘constructed intervention in space’ and the potential for this construction to mediate our perception of space. As background preparation for this project, students were presented a series of lectures on 20th century art, specifically those which attempted to undermine our perception of light and space. It was pointed out that these art works were not to be seen as ‘precedents’ in the architectural sense of the word. Since these art works rarely, if ever, had a specific use or function. And most of these works, whether installations or independently constructed spaces, operated through variations of disorientation, these works could be said to be against or counter to use.

The final site for the installation of this construction was the graduate studio space. The final solution was not to be a scale model, but a full scale construction which allowed a viewer to actually experience a particular spatial condition. The final construction would be judged by how successfully it presented a specific spatial perception for the viewer/participant @ 1:1 scale.