Personal Space; Updated, The Behavioral Basis of Design

by Robert Sommer



Widely regarded as the classic text on user-centered design of public buildings and spaces, this book studies how people relate to the designed space around them and how the design of that space can affect their behavior. Its contents are based on comprehensive academic research, the conclusions it draws are highly applicable in real-world projects, and the style of presentation is lucid and interesting. The author; Robert Sommer, deals with topics such as privacy, spatial invasion, small-group ecology and looks at the role of design in settings that include airports, stations, hospitals and schools. When it was first published this book went through 25 printings in English alone. Although it was written when the study of behavior and design was just beginning to be appreciated, the lessons are still deeply relevant for today’s spatial designers and also important to the digital world in the design and analysis of shared digital spaces for co-operative work and multi-player games. Robert Sommer writes with authority and clarity. He has updated this new edition of his work with an introduction and detailed notes accompanying each chapter describing what has changed in the intervening years, and what has remained the same. “Your book will now become a standard at our office as it gives us added insight in design work”, Charles W. Pelly (President of the Industrial Designers Society of America 1991/92).

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Personal Space; Updated, The Behavioral Basis of Design


Robert Sommer

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