Gardening and painting

Isha Bubna & Michaela Senay
ARC620 | Fall 2020

The context is set in an outdoor environment on a contoured site. The two subjects, both facing different directions, view the surronding from different perspectices. Isha is gardening while Michaela is painting. Michaela deploys the shade from the canopies made of carbon fibers. The verying height of the juxtaposed canopies allows sunlight through it and filters it in some areas. The landscaping on site plays an integral role as it supports and enhances the setting both functionally and aesthetically. The deciduous maple tree intervening through the canopies portrays the fall season and depicts the transition between the two spaces (shaded and non-shaded). They filter sunlight and control the breeze in that space amplifying the feel of being in an outdoor environment and in close proximity of nature. The shrubs on the side supplement the plain air experience while the pink flowering plants are subjected to the activity of gardening. Overall, the open environment alleviates both the subjects to comfortably carry out their respective activities, making it psychologically pleasant and aesthetically pleasing.