Singing and swimming

Christian Colella & Mira Shami
ARC620 | Fall 2020

In relating two programs: swimming and singing,  two moments in each of the activities were catergorized; practicing (semi-private) and performing (public). To reinforce this, the space is divided into two smaller spaces, a large swimming and performance hall, and a smaller warm-up and practice room. The large hall is designed to tune, direct and focus the acoustics from the singing performance to act as an aid for lap swimming. The vaulted ceiling directs the sound to a large acoustic reflector wall at the opposite end of the stage. At the stage side, the singing will be louder, as will the far end, where the sound is carried along the ceiling. This is intended to act as a signal to the swimmer that they are approaching the end of the pool and that they should prepare for a turn. the practice provides a semi-private space with reduced vidual and acoustic connections, so that the sound of singing practice can reach the swimmer and act as a guide for their swimming drills. This space is intended not to isolate, but instead mediate sounds. The rotating wall between the two spaces acts as an acoustic reflector, as well as modifying the program of both spaces by engaging them with a piece of the other program.