Living learning quarter

Monica Groele
ARC605 | Spring 2012

Design Goals:

• Provide a weather-protected walkway along Lee Road
• Create a zone of interaction between students from the arts and from engineering (campus college-town)
• House no less than 200 students and accommodate a wide range of students and living styles
• Create communities within the building
• Encourage healthy lifestyles
• Seamlessly integrate living and working into the same environment

The building is composed of a two level public base topped with four residential levels. The base of the building is made of curvilinear  glass, in contrast to the more private, solid, rectilinear top form. Taking cues from other buildings on campus, a large cantilever in the front connects the building stylistically to others in the area as well as provides some weather protection along the front sidewalk. There are two courtyards that cut through the center of the building. The building mass is highest to the east side of the building and lower to the west to maximize the amount of mid-day and afternoon sun that penetrates these courtyards.