Sensory enhancer

Gregory Hess
ARC605 | Fall 2008

An apparatus was developed in order to establish a relationship of enhancement and/or restriction of taste, smell, and auditory systems. An initial plaster cast was constructed of a specific classmate’s entire head. The cast was made using surgical grade plaster strips. The final cast was then used to provide detailed measurements and a template on which the apparatus could be constructed.

The apparatus that was designed focused on the senses of TASTE and SMELL. Research shows that the senses of taste and smell are interconnected because 75% of what we as humans perceive as taste actually comes from our sense of smell. The apparatus was constructed in order to confuse (and therefore restrict) these two senses. The apparatus was designed to be utilized during food consumption. Both taste and smell, along with vision, are normally associated with this activity. It was therefore determined that the AUDITORY sense would be enhanced, principally because of its lack of influence on the sensory experience of eating.