Sensory wall & sensory confinement

Nicole White
ARC605 | Fall 2008

Sensory Wall :

The wall designed conforms to the pressure of the body by using wooden slats that act as flat panels for the body to rest against. The slats are connected using an elastic cord that makes them change position based on pressure. People can use both sides of the wall, while still having some visual privacy.


Sensory Confinement :

The design acts as both a prison and a park allowing prison to impact a community positively without negative consequences on the occupants. The prisoner is given a voice and allowed means of expression through moveable display boards where the prisoner can connect with the others. The display walls help serve many purposes within the prison and contribute to its flexibility. They rotate to form partitions in the prison’s public space and can be raised to create display areas in the park walkways. Those viewing the boards gain a better understanding of prison and the prisoner and perhaps gain a sense of emphaty.