Universal Design New York

edited by Gary Scott Danford and Beth Tauke



Universal design aspires to create products and environments that are usable by all of us. Not only can universal design help our own citizens but also the almost 40 million visitors who come here every year. This book was developed to help the community of people who develop the City’s real estate and infrastructure learn about universal design. When implemented properly it removes many of the problems associated with trying to meet requirements of both the NYC building code and the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act. In fact, when designing from this paradigm, some regulations are met with ease. For example, a pedestrian pathway that is gradually sloped from the curb to the entrance eliminates the need for a ramp. Another example would be installing automatic doors instead of manual doors. Distributing and integrating accessible seats throughout a theater is yet another. These examples demonstrate how access and regulations come together to create a better environment for everyone when using universal design criteria.

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Universal Design New York (UDNY)


Beth Tauke, Gary Scott Danford

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New York



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