Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

by Francis D.K.  Ching



Architecture: Form, Space, and Order, Fourth Edition isthe classic introduction to the basic vocabulary of architecturaldesign, updated with new information on emerging trends and recentdevelopments. This bestselling visual reference helps both studentsand professionals understand the vocabulary of architectural designby examining how space and form are ordered in the environment.

Essential and timeless, the fundamental elements of space andform still present a challenge to those who crave a deeperunderstanding. Taking a critical look at the evolution of spaces,Architecture distills complex concepts of design into aclear focus that inspires, bringing difficult abstractions to life.The book is illustrated throughout to demonstrate the conceptspresented, and show the relationships between fundamental elementsof architecture through the ages and across cultures. Topicsinclude:

  • Primary elements and the principles of space design
  • Form and space, including light, view, openings, andenclosures
  • Organization of space, and the elements and relationships ofcirculation
  • Proportion and scale, including proportioning systems andanthropometry

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Architecture: Form, Space, and Order


Francis D.K. Ching

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Hoboken, NJ



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