Guidelines for design of learning environments for children on the autistic spectrum

Alexey Mokhov
Master's Thesis | Spring 2014
The primary goal of this project was to use the scientific knowledge for production of the guidelines for design of mainstream elementary learning environments (LE) for high-functioning children on the Autistic Spectrum (AS). The extensive literature review was conducted within the domains of cognitive psychology and neuroscience to identify the key knowledge regarding the AS. The knowledge was then translated into Problems that were addressed by the set of design Guidelines and Strategies. Finally, two prototypes were produced to test the proposed Guidelines and Strategies. The proposed design recommendations are represented as a flexible system that can be widened further by imputes of professionals and knowledgeable people (e.g., parents) in the area of design for the AS and AS in general.

Thesis Committee: Edward Steinfeld, Sue Weidemann & Korydon Smith