An itinerant therapeutic kitchen to promote aging in place

Madeleine Niepceron
ARC623 | Fall 2019

With more than 137 million people in the world aged 80 years or more, the aging of the population has become a very important topic study as an architect. Women have a longer life expectancy than men (by more than 4 years), and that they represent more than 60% of this age group. As a consequence, older women today are more likely to age alone than men, which is why I have decided to focus on the barriers single or unattached senior women aging in place can face in their everyday life.

The objective of the project is to give single women aging in place an opportunity to socialize and participate in activities even though they do not own a car or have limited mobility dues to health issues or else.

The project is an itinerant therapeutic kitchen that :
  • Would give the opportunity for single senior to cook and share a meal in company of others
  • Would help maintain a link with the exterior based on daily (/bi-weekly) visits of the itinerant kitchen
  • Would encourage healthy eating habits and stimulate participants’ senses and memory.