Quilt house

Garima Gupta
ARC605 | Spring 2020

The quilt culture is one of the oldest African American traditions that has been successfully passed over the generations since slavery. The intent of this project is to bring back this culture into Hamlin Park, and introduce a housing typology which could be used as a pattern type for such communities.

The proposal is a renovation of the Buffalo Double typology into a new typology that allows the second floor to be used as a maker’s space for making quilts. The first phase of the project consist in renovating the front one-third of the first floor to convert it into a quilt shop which can serve as an income-generator for the family curating the entire house. The second phase includes the removal of internal walls on the second floor and the addition of a hammer-truss system to provide a column free flexible space that can be used by quilters during the day and the community at night for public and private events.