Architecture & planning coop – The FabLab

Bill Sokol
ARC605 | Spring 2019

This project is cooperative housing for Graduate Architecture and Planning Students from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.
Two one-bedroom unit types are available for rent. Both units are loft style with dividing, nonstructural walls.
The design of the first floor space allow for a clear visual connection between the open studio and the community. Featuring large glass curtain walls and operable doors the open studio can be easily accessed for presentations and community events on-site. Exhibitions of student works, workshops, trainings, and summer workshops for students can take place on site, as well as at the common studio workshop located on the corner of E. Amherst Street and Suffolk Street. Those who live in the cooperative can work at the main workshop and community building to reduce the cost of their rent.

There are shared utilities for each site, such as electricity would be a shared cost built into the rent payment. The only thing residents pay for individually is excess supplies (beyond semester quota) and food for their own consumption. There would likely be shared meals when possible utilizing the common kitchen, and bulk food could be purchased if the residents wish. Some fees are opt-in based on the use each semester, so if students know they won’t utilize a specific feature of the cooperative they can opt-out of that feature and not pay that fee for the semester. If there will be minimal usage, students may pay a small one-time fee to use the feature occasionally and avoid a larger feature assessed before the semester begins