Paws & claws coop – The catio

Jacob Devries
ARC605 | Spring 2019


  • All bedrooms are located adjacent to one of two vertical shafts. This allows your pet to have individual access to your room. Using an accent color inspired by the surrounding houses lets people know something special happens in the spaces of the facade.


  • Once per week: House meeting over dinner. This will be a place to discuss any issues or concerns within the house itself, as well as any issues that need to be discussed about the co-op as a whole.
  • Once every month: Two representatives per house meet at the club house to discuss the co-op as a whole. They will bring up issues brought to their attention by their house members
  • Once every month: The entirety of the co-op meets at the club house. This can be when the group votes on major decisions that effect the whole community of houses.