Funerary architecture

Greg Andriano
ARC605 | Spring 2011

Mourning one’s death is expected when visiting a cemetery or a mausoleum; however it must also be a place to celebrate an individual’s life. This project in particular follows a “procession” in order to accommodate the user’s unique experience; a procession that efficiently navigates in and out of the building. The whole complex is horizontal and linear, to tie together one side of the cemetery with the other. The building is broken into several volumes that are arranged around a courtyard and connected by small walkways.

The building is composed of simple glass boxes. Loculi are creating a pattern in facade that seems “randomly” organized. Each patron choosing a loculus can select a thickness of a faceplate (ranging from 1″ to 5″), which creates a variation in the texture. The building form in plan directly relates back to the proportions of this module. The glass is used to create a unique visceral experience within the space, while encouraging occupants to experience the remainder of the building.