Emergency shelter

Ochuko Edema
ARC605 | Spring 2009

The traditional American Indian tipi was used as an inspiration for this shelter due to its pyramid shape which uses triangulation for structural strength, especially against wind. Its speed of construction and low construction material requirement are significant as well.

6 number bamboo stems, Tarpaulin, Twine, Scissors, Weight

1. Spread out precut tarpaulin on floor and insert 5 bamboo stems into slots as shown.
2. Fold and bring both extreme edges of the tarp such that the slots interlock as shown and insert the sixth bamboo stem through slots from both edges.
3. Tie the six stems with twine loosely to allow for spread room, then cover with peak cap and lift the assembled piece to an erect position.
4. Spread out legs (stems) as far out as possible and place weight on edge flap or insert legs in dug out holes.