Critical mass – A dichotomous living complex

Charles Canfield
ARC605 | Fall 2018

The UB2020 Master Plan calls for the transformation of Lee Road to a main street corridor, complete with on street parking, commerce,  shuttle services and student housing. As a critique to this objective, a proposed 800’ bar building allocates displaced tenants from the UB Commons and Bookstore along a pedestrian colonnade. The structure runs North/South with lower density residential halls angled perpendicular to the bar structure. These South West/ North East structures define 3 collegiate courtyards of varying scales and program. The orientation offers to the residents views and access to an urban edge to the west and a natural edge to the east.


The dichotomy of the complex comes from the access and views of these differing edge conditions. Lounge, study, amenity and living spaces all alternate or blend their orientation between urban and natural allowing one to inhabit the one they are most comfortable with. An Urban edge allows one to see and be seen and promotes socialization where seclusion and quiet can be found along the natural edges.