Makoko intervention : transforming the home

Wayne Fung
ARC605 | Fall 2012

The intervention proposal for Makoko, Nigeria was developed from a study of the existing conditions of the area. The project is a redesign proposal of existing homes through a transformation of construction methods and building materials. The problems that occur from the existing construction that the project focuses on are flooding during the two rainy seasons; trash and wreckage build up in the water, unsafe conditions, physical demands of construction, and overall aesthetics.

The project begins with the construction of a four layered platform with plastic drums as the base. The drums are introduced so the platform will be able to stay above water level when flooding occurs. This allows for fewer stilts to be hammered into the waterbed : only four stilts are required to ensure that the platform does not float away. Structural bents can be constructed horizontally on the platform to be raised and connected at 6′ O.C. Roofing material is to be applied with any local material that is not water permeable. In the case of Makoko, Nigeria, corrugated metal is an abundant resource and will be the typical building material for roofing.