Elevator. Bathroom. Elevator

Daniel Nead
ARC605 | Fall 2011

The objective of this project was to allow visitors to enjoy the industrial heritage while providing a magnet program that gives them a reason to visit the site. This objectice was accomplished through the occupation of the vertical space within the central grain silos. The use of vertical room within these silos allowed for over 60% of the naturally beautiful silo floor area to remain untouched, ensuring a minimal impact on the site. The larger building program, a cereal museum, ties the visitor to the site by use of olfactory sensory factors.

The visitor’s choice of restroom was the catalyst in the organization of the visitor’s circulation, and lead to the ‘techno ritual’. The visitor can select what type of restroom is desirable and is directed to an elevator that leads him to an individual/private restroom. In this sense, repetition of the same choice of restroom does not necessarily lead to the same path and location, but it leads to the same accommodation.